Instrument Cluster Programmer

Do you repair car and motorcycle odometers?
Fantastic, Enigmatool is perfect for you
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ENIGMA The secret weapon of professional instrument cluster repair shops
Our 20+ years of experience and expertise are your key to better repairs, happier customers and more profits


Update V5.8 - Software for OPEL, MINI, HYUNDAI, AUDI and more

Main feautres of Enigmatool

The most safe device and software
Secure data programming is Enigmatool’s most globally recognised feature.
New software update every month. New car and motorbike models and improvements to previous programmes.
Convenient to use
Easy and convenient to use so you save time, nerves and money.
Clear binary files
Files read with Enigmatool are not encoded and you can use them as you wish
PDF database
Probably the largest base of instrument cluster connections in the world. Incredible convenience.
Technical Support
Something that makes a difference. As our customer, you are practically always protected

Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to reliability

With EnigmaTool, you'll have the power to tackle instrument cluster repairs with confidence, saving time and enhancing customer satisfaction.


From the 90's to 2024. You won't believe it, but Enigmatool is almost 20 years into software development. As a result, we support both old and latest vehicle and motorbike models. It means that you can offer a wider range of services to your customers. More services, more customers, more recognition in the market and, ultimately, more money in your pocket!
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Technical support


As an Enigma user, you have our full technical support at your disposal. We assist with Enigma operation and odometer programming in general. We're available via email and WhatsApp to address any inquiries or concerns you may have. Even if you encounter an odometer that isn't supported by Enigma, we'll do our best to assist you in file modifications.
With our help, you'll save time fixing problems. Get Enigmatool now for smooth operation and expert help whenever you need it.

PDF MANUALS the key to programming success

Good descriptions with connections are almost as important as the software itself. After all, what good is software if you won't know how to use it. Pay attention you won't find a device on the market that has better descriptions than Enigmatool


high quality


Unlock Precision and Efficiency in Your Instrument Cluster Repairs Business with EnigmaTool

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We provides you with a full management functionality that results in faster revenue, more users, and the ability to serve your users more.