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Even competitors clients shoot for out technical support

We are in this business since 2002 and we spent hundred thousands of hours and a furtune to get know what we know. At any step of our clcients electronic journey we love to give them technical support.

e-mail support

classic way of support – send us email and we will get back to you asap

whatsapp support

get instant help thru whatsapp

We can help you with a few things

Using Enigmatool

We know Enigmatool inside out so it is unlikely that any question will surprise us. Especially if you are just starting out with Enigmatool you may have some questions or concerns. This is when we are here to help you

Over 2000 PDF manuals

Let’s not even count the hours or years it took to build our documentation. We have over 2,000 PDFs to streamline your work. You will work faster and safer, plus you get valuable information about the modules you can work with

Technical support

Did something go wrong? Wondering how to solve an electronic problem or get out of a troublesome situation? Contact us because we may have already processed a similar case

Technical support

Need help? Contact us!

Whenever possible, we effectively solve our users’ problems

Effective cooperation

A little bit of your effort so we can help you

A few things that will surely help us. Provide us with specific information

Car / motorbike / other machine: Brand Model Year
Manufacturer (VDO, MM, JCI, Bosch etc...)
Eeprom and MCU type (95160, 24C64, R7F701403 etc...)
Photos: Front of module, the best both sides of PCB, exact photo of MCU/Eeprom, module stickers)
Explanation of what problem do you have (security error, value not change, incorrect recognition of values, bad connection)
Eeprom or MCU data


Our technical support is available from Monday to Friday 8 AM 4 PM

Technical support is only available to customers who have an active Maintenance Fee

Also, new PDF files are available for those who have an active Maintenance Fee

Don't schedule difficult tasks for the weekend or Friday afternoon
Be nice, any form of aggression and insult will result in a total ban for assistance
Every day we help our customers so be aware that we may currently be helping someone and you will have to wait
Be prepared: read the file, take pictures, write what the problem is. Slogans like "Peugeot 2014 problem" tell us nothing