Enigmatool Official Statement About Firmware And Software Updates Policy Change

Since the software update V3.77 all new updates can be downloaded only by registered and subscribed users using new online PC software – ENIGMA MANAGER 2020

To get access to updates from V3.77 and higher you will need to adquire the subscription for firmware and software maintenance which is established by us in 50 euro/month (netto price – vat not included) but which is to be paid in a full yearly quote of 600 euro (netto price – vat not included).

First maintenance fee is created untill the end of 2020 and the cost is 300 euro (netto price – vat not included) as for half year time.

Next year 2021 the cost will be a total of 600 euro for a period of subscription of 12 months (netto price – vat not included).

What will you be provided with after the subscription?

  • access to new firmware updates (new software versions, new options by eeprom, upgrades of existing softwares)

  • access to the old and new PDF instruction manuals

  • technical support by Email and WhatsApp from Monday to Friday in working hours

Please note that the maintenance fee is not obligatory and we do not force you to buy it.
The purchase of the subscription is personal decision and free choice of every EnigmaTool user.
If you select not to subscribe your tool will stay as it is now and no new options will get added to it.
Your tool will not get locked. Your tool will not stop working.

New OBD2 softwares and complicated calculations are not included in this subscription.
Technical questions from users with no subscription activated will be ignored.

Customers who bought a new EnigmaTool in 2020 will be granted with free of charge access to the subscription until the end of year 2020.
To get subscribed on firmware updates please contact your dealer or directly info(at)cryptomotive.com

Please indicate your EnigmaTool Serial Number after the purchase.
Your subscription will be activated by us online in 24/48 hours.

Only registered EnigmaTools will be able to adquire the subscription, so if you missed to do it please do it at:

Contact us anytime if you have any questions related with this important change in EnigmaTool Policy.