What you can do with Enigmatool?

Efficient Instrument Cluster Repairs

Combination of features makes Enigmatool the most useful device for instrument cluster repairs.

Enigmatool is a special device used mainly for repairing and programming electronic meters. Enigmatool supports instrument clusters and speedometers for cars, motorcycles, construction machinery, agricultural machinery and quads.

It can be assumed that Enigmatool can program practically all instrument clusters produced between 1995 and 2021.

Even some 2022 instrument clusters can be programmed already.

Automotive Modules Programming

Enigmatool in-built data programmer gives you endless possibilities

One of the biggest advantages of Enigmatool is the built-in eeprom and processor memory programmer. So depending on your skills, Enigmatool can program thousands of different modules. Looking at this fact, Enigmatool can be used in various areas of automotive electronics.

Modules cloning
Adaptations & coding
Key programming
Immo OFF
Speedometer repairs
Service reset
Mileage reset
KM / Miles conversion
C / F conversion
VIN adaptation
Radio / Navi Decode
Airbag reset
BSI repairs